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Dr. Yuen-Jong Liu performs the following procedures: carpal tunnel release, cubital tunnel release, brachial plexus reconstruction, peroneal nerve decompression, tarsal tunnel release, migraine surgery, nerve repairs, nerve transfers, microneurosurgery, and more. Combining his expertise in peripheral nerve surgery and artistry in plastic surgery, he performs neurotized DIEP flap breast reconstruction (a.k.a. Resensation), which improves sensation in the reconstructed breast.

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Before and After Photos

Hand and Wrist

  • When your hand surgeon is also a board-certified plastic surgeon, you get a minimal scar after surgery. This patient impaled her palm and transected a nerve: the common digital nerve that gave sensation to the index and middle fingers. Dr. Liu repaired the nerve and its branches to both fingers using WALANT technique: wide awake local anesthesia no tourniquet. Three months later, she regained normal feeling along both fingers and had full neurologic recovery.

  • Another successful repair by Dr. Liu! Before and after photos of a patient who underwent repair of a flexor tendon and digital nerve in the small finger that was cut by a knife. Healing was complete at 8 weeks after surgery and the patient recovered full motion, full strength, and normal sensation.

  • Before and after photos of a nerve repair in a patient who cut her hand against the sharp edge of an open metal can. After Dr. Liu debrided the traumatized and scarred segment of the digital nerve, there was a half-inch gap between the healthy normal ends of the nerve. Dr. Liu sutured a nerve graft to bridge the gap. A few months later, she regained normal feeling along the finger.

Yuen-Jong Liu, M.D.
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