Yuen-Jong Liu, M.D.

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Ballroom Dance

For exercise and relaxation, I have been a competitive ballroom dancer since college. The theatricality and artistry of competitive ballroom dance give me a unique perspective on the aesthetics of the human body.

Open Latin at Charlotte Dancesport Challenge 2016
Open Hustle at Charlotte Dancesport Challenge 2016
Open Salsa at Charlotte Dancesport Challenge 2016
Triangle Open Dancesport Championships 2015
MIT Open Ballroom Dance Competition 2014
Prince Ali (Samba)
Iron Man (Cha Cha)
Harvard Invitational Ballroom Dance Competition 2014
Bad Case of Loving You (Jive)
Skyfall (Rumba)
Harvard Crimson Syllabus Challenge 2012
Hey, Soul Sister (Quickstep)
Yale Ballroom Dance Competition 2011
Wild Child (Waltz) / On the Floor (Tango)
Yale Med Second-Look Showcase Samba-Cha Cha
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Jive)

Hung Gar Kung Fu

Before I was a competitive dancer, I trained in armed and unarmed combat in Hung Gar Kung Fu under Sifu Yon Lee at the Chung Wah Academy in Quincy, MA, and in the Harvard Tai Chi Tiger Crane Club at Harvard University. Hung Gar is a Southern Shaolin style of Chinese martial arts. My preferred weapon is the spear. I also have a black belt in Kempo Karate.

Here are demonstrations:

Hung Gar Comeback Special
Single Staff Methodology